Aavailability and prices are subject to change

Tomato bisque with fresh basil 8

Veal meatballs with soft cheese polenta and a roasted tomato sauce 12

Arroncini with tomato sauce, shaved parmesan and a basil pesto sauce 10

Cornmeal dusted calamari with a roasted garlic aioli and pomodoro sauce 13

Pan seared scallops with a soft cheese polenta and a roasted tomato butter sauce 14

Wild mushroom ravioli with shiitakes, portabellas, and a porcini mushroom broth 12

Number one tuna, seared rare with arugula, fried capers, shaved parmesan and a spicy mustard sauce 14

Housemade focaccia bread with parmesan, cracked pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar 5 (first basket complimentary)